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Welcome To EBC

EAT by Citrine is a Food & Beverage concept created to recreate those fading ancient flavours from our glorious past.

A glance into the lifestyles of our forefathers has inspired us to rekindle the passion and drive to create healthy and wholesome dishes that have simply perished with time. The diet is one of the main secrets behind the hale and hearty lifestyles led during this era, and is exactly what we’re bringing back to life. And it is our vision to turn the spotlight on these classics, that resulted in EAT by Citrine, a venture by Citrine Hospitality Ventures Pvt. Ltd. Our mission is to provide good, clean, nutritious and delicious food; every ingredient carefully chosen, placing utmost importance on the value system.

The TASTING ZONE is an exclusive dining experience created to make the event completely distinct to an evolving new dining concept. Also, our Non-refrigerated food is another important feature of EAT by Citrine, we firmly believe in serving fresh food made out of seasonal, local produce. This concept is purely aimed at making a comeback of forgotten flavours to our diners.

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