Luscious Smoked Chicken Marinated In A Home-Made Spice Mix And Coal Grilled.

( 3 Porotta + Beef Curry + Omelette ) Unwrap And Relish!

( 3 Porotta + beef curry + omelette )
Unwrap and relish!

An utterly savoury stone pounded smoked beef
jerky preparation which will transport you to a foodie

Soft tapioca chunks and short ribs of beef cooked to
perfection in a flavourful blend of roasted coconut
and masalas.

{An Eat by Citrine speciality}
An exotic preparation of whole fish smothered in
chefs special masala and roasted over aromatic betel

Wrapped and grilled chunky pieces of chicken,
slathered in a secret masala reflecting the unchanged
flavours of the Attapadi tribal cuisine.