Kottayam Pidiyum Kozhi Curryum

This one of those heavenly dishes that became part of Kerala’s cuisine through the arrival of the Syrian Christians in the region

Neichorum Pothirachiyum

Neychoru and Pothirachiyum is a traditional rice dish of Kerala. ‘Neyyu’ means ghee and ‘Choru’ means cooked rice, Pothirachi Means Beef Like the name indicates

Kappa Pottichathu with Chutneys

More taste and less work. This is the most popular and timeless dish from the kitchen of Kerala. This is a very old authentic traditional dish of Kerala.

EAT by Citrine

is a Food & Beverage concept created to recreate those fading ancient flavours from our glorious past. A glance into the lifestyles of our forefathers has inspired us to rekindle the passion and drive to create healthy and wholesome dishes that have simply perished with time. The diet is one of the main secrets behind the hale and hearty lifestyles led during this era, and is exactly what we’re bringing back to life. And it is our vision to turn the spotlight on these classics, that resulted in EAT by Citrine, a venture by Citrine Hospitality Ventures Pvt. Ltd. Our mission is to provide good, clean, nutritious and delicious food; every ingredient carefully chosen, placing utmost importance on the value system.

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  • Rice
Chutta Meen

Fleshy melt in the mouth chunks of fish doused in a delicious mix of sour and spice flavours. A classic red fish curry.

Thenga Aracha Meen Curry

A comforting warm and tangy fish curry loved by all. Light spices and a rich, creamy coconut, do a nice job in concocting this tempting dish

Meen Mulakittathu

Fleshy melt in the mouth chunks of fish doused in a delicious mix of sour and spice flavours. A classic red fish curry.

Meen Peera

A delicious, very popular traditional Kerala style seafood preparation of fish in a lovely medley of freshly shredded coconut, blitzed with shallots and mild homemade masalas.

Attinkal Paya

A fiery rich and invigorating lamb trotters soup, served piping hot, straight from the simmering pot

Chutta Kozhi

Luscious smoked chicken, marinated in a home-made spice mix and coal grilled

Kappa Pothirachi Kizhi

An opulent flavourful meal where spiciness of beef meets the mildness of tapioca, beautifully balanced with crushed coconut, quite the treat!

Kozhi Peera Vattichathu

Tender pieces of chicken tossed in spiced fresh coconut, adding crunchiness and subtle sweetness to a nostalgic dish

Achari Kozhi

An unbeatable chicken curry with a zingy blend of ingredients that pack a punch

Nadan Kozhi Curry

This iconic dish needs no description. A recipe handed down for generations, celebrated by the locals.

Kozhi Gundu Milagu Curry

An aromatic earthy Chicken curry spiced up with exotic curd dried chillies to tingle your tastebuds.

Nadan Kozhi Kurumilagu Piralan

Freshly ground pepper sparks the taste of this tantalising country chicken roast.

Attapadi Kozhi Pollichathu

Wrapped and grilled chunky pieces of chicken, slathered in a secret masala reflecting the unchanged flavours of the Attapadi tribal cuisine.

Beef Varattiyathu

Crunchy on the outside, soft and juicy inside, that’s how we would like to describe this slow roasted fragrant and tender beef stir fry.

Beef Varutharachathu

An authentic preparation of cubed beef faultlessly cooked in a rich brown, lip smacking, roasted coconut gravy.

Karal Varattiyathu

Perfect as an appetiser or as a side for your main meal, this peppery liver fry, sautéed along with caramelised onions and the distinctive aroma of curry leaves makes it particularly delicious.

Ammiyil Idicha Irachi

An utterly savoury stone pounded smoked Beef jerky preparation which will transport you to a foodie heaven.

Ellum Kappayum / Beef Biriyani

Soft tapioca chunks and short ribs of beef cooked to perfection in a flavourful blend of roasted coconut and masalas.

Mutta Moilee

Chefs special. Eggs in a smooth, slightly thickened coconut milk gravy infused with the tartness of tomatoes and fragrant spices

Kaada Mutta Pirattiyathu

Full of goodness are these Quail eggs, boiled and sautéed in an exquisite blend of garlic, caramelised onions and masalas.

Vegetable Meen Curry

Deeply flavourful and vibrant gravy with assorted local veggies in a tantalising fresh coconut based curry, tangy and fresh.

Kizhangu Varutharachathu

An irresistible way to enjoy potato. Diced potatoes dunked in a fragrant roasted coconut gravy and simmered until tender.

Vazhapindi Curry

A deeply satisfying banana stem curry, full of bite.

Vazhakoombu Thoran

Loaded with nutrients and fiber, the banana flower coconut stir fry tinged with mild spices makes a healthy choice.

Koon kurumilagu Piralan

Everyone loves the unbeatable taste of roast mushrooms in crushed peppercorn spice mix.

Koon Theeyal

Fresh mushroom in a typical homemade, dry roasted coconut gravy with a touch of tamarind.

Poricha Nei Pathiri
Idiyappam (3nos)
Kerala Porotta
Pazham Maduram

A sweet treat with the goodness of banana

Mulayari Payasam

Bamboo rice kheer, a truly exotic experience

Mathanga Vilayichathu

A delicious pumpkin dessert

Idiyappam (3nos)
Poricha Nei Pathiriyum (4 nos) Pothirachiyum
Kappayum Meen Mulakittathum & 3 Chutneys
Thenga Choru with Beef Varutharachathu
Kozhikodan Neichoru with Malabari Chicken Curry
Idiyappam (4nos) with Achari Chicken Curry
Kottayam Pidiyum Kozhi Curryum
Kappa Pottichathu with Chuttameen & 3 Chutneys
Ponni Ari Choru
Thenga Choru (with Chammanthi)
Chinna Venkaya Kizhi Kushka (Chicken/Beef)
₹240/ 250
Kozhikodan Neichoru

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