Luscious smoked chicken, marinated in a home-made spice mix and coal grilled

An opulent flavourful meal where spiciness of beef meets the mildness of tapioca, beautifully balanced with crushed coconut, quite the treat!

Tender pieces of chicken tossed in spiced fresh coconut, adding crunchiness and subtle sweetness to a nostalgic dish

An unbeatable chicken curry with a zingy blend of ingredients that pack a punch

This iconic dish needs no description. A recipe handed down for generations, celebrated by the locals.

An aromatic earthy Chicken curry spiced up with exotic curd dried chillies to tingle your tastebuds.

Freshly ground pepper sparks the taste of this tantalising country chicken roast.

Wrapped and grilled chunky pieces of chicken, slathered in a secret masala reflecting the unchanged flavours of the Attapadi tribal cuisine.